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What Takes Them Out to the Ballgame?

April 29, 2006 by


The team of Schmidt and Berri – or Berri and Schmidt – has written a dozen academic papers thus far.  Our latest to be published is entitled “What Takes Them Out to the Ballgame” and it appears in the May, 2006 issue of the Journal of Sports Economics.  This work explores how consumer demand for […]

Will Detroit win the Stanley Cup?

April 28, 2006 by


One of the themes we return to again and again is the idea that teams can buy a championship.  The story is that those who spend the most have the best players, and those with the best players will win the championship.  We talk about how payroll and wins are not strongly linked in the […]

Making Too Much of Early Returns

April 22, 2006 by


In Friday’s Boston Globe one sees a good deal of hand wringing by Bob Ryan about the Red Sox’s lack of run production.  Ryan’s column is but one more example of Boston writers worrying of impending doom in Red Sox nation.  According to these writers, doom is upon Red Sox nation since it now seems […]

So Why Did We Lose An Entire Season of Hockey?

April 19, 2006 by


The NHL justified the forfeit of the 2004-2005 season in order to achieve two goals: cost certainty and competitive balance. Within the subsequent collective bargaining agreement (CBA) the league was able to negotiate cost certainty in the form of a salary cap tied to NHL revenues. The league and the players union also agreed to […]

Kobe Bryant, MVP?

April 15, 2006 by


The ever insightful Bill Simmons of has announced his choice for NBA MVP.  Generally what Simmons says is golden, but choosing Kobe Bryant as MVP is but one more example of an NBA analyst focusing on totals rather than efficiency.  Clearly Kobe heads to the top of the class because of his scoring totals.  […]

Inefficiency in the NFL Draft

April 15, 2006 by


One of the major themes in our book is that decision-makers in sports do not always process information efficiently. Such work falls under the umbrella of Behavioral Economics, a field led by Richard Thaler. Now that the NFL draft season is upon us – a favorite time of year for us Lions fans – a […]

Can Money Buy Love in Baseball?

April 13, 2006 by


The Baseball Analysts have posted a column I wrote entitled "Can Money Buy Love in Baseball?" One of the topics examined in the Wages of Wins is the supposed link between pay and wins in baseball, football, and basketball. In this column, additional details of the relationship between pay and wins in baseball are detailed […]

Welcome to Wages of Wins Blog

April 10, 2006 by


Welcome to The book is now finished. Stanford University Press tells us it will ship on May 8. Soon after that, everyone should be able to place an order. If you can't wait, you can pre-order today from a variety of places. While we all wait we have the website and this blog. Our […]