Reading The Wages of Wins Randomly

Posted on July 21, 2006 by

3 has added additional features to how The Wages of Wins is displayed on their website.  You can now see a blown-up picture of the front cover (not sure why you would want to, but you can).  You can also see that our book is has been copyrighted (again, not sure why this is important to potential buyers, but its there to be seen).  Furthermore, once can now see a copy of the book’s Index, which is important for other researchers to know when they look to see if we mentioned their work or not.

Perhaps more importantly, you can see now see a copy of the Table of Contents, although we provide a more detailed version at our website.  You can also now read all of Games With Numbers, the first chapter of our book.

All this is neat, but there is one feature that truly stands out.  That feature is called Surprise Me! If you click on this link you are apparently taken to a random point in The Wages of Wins.  So this feature allows you to read two or three pages located somewhere in the book.  If you click again, you are taken to a different place in the book for another two or three pages. 

Surprise Me! causes me to ask two questions:

First, can you read the entire book via this feature?

Second, would the book make more sense if you didn’t read it in the order it is written?

— DJ

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