Allen Iverson is Staying?

Posted on July 26, 2006 by


Yesterday I posted a lengthy comment on Allen Iverson.  Okay, it was really lengthy.   For those counting, it was close to 2,000 words, which is about twice the length of a typical newspaper column.  Hopefully what I said was worth the effort people had to invest to read it all, although I doubt that’s true.

Today let me comment a bit more briefly. This morning the following was reported at

“Team president and general manager Billy King said Tuesday that he no longer expects to deal his All-Star point guard, and that keeping Iverson gives Philly the best chance to win. “I fully expect Allen will be suiting up with us next season,” King told the Philadelphia Daily News.

My comment on Iverson was posted yesterday at 10:23amPST.  In the conclusion of that post I noted the following:

“… trading Iverson for equal value might be difficult. Consequently, I think the 76ers might be better off finding more productive role players to play along side Iverson.”

Soon after this appeared on our website, Philadelphia announces a radical change in course.  Is this a coincidence?

Hmmmm…..Okay, its a coincidence.  Still, I think keeping Iverson might be Philadelphia’s best option.

– DJ