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Did you know that between 100 and 120 professors teach a course on sports economics?  If you read today’s USA Today, this is but one interesting fact you would have learned about our growing field.  On the cover of USA Today’s Money section is an article by Sue Kirchhoff entitled, “Batter up! Sports Economics Hits Field”.  In addition to providing a wonderful overview of the field, the article also mentions and quotes many of the major names in the field.  The list of professors cited includes Peter von Allmen, Michael Leeds, Aju Fenn, John-Charles Bradbury, R. Todd Jewell, Rodney Fort, John Fizel, Yvan Kelly, and the authors of some book called The Wages of Wins.   

Many of these names should be familiar to those who read The Wages of Wins Journal on a regular basis.  In case you don’t remember, your memory can be refreshed here, here, and definitely here.  

In addition to the USA Today, Billy Syken of Sports Illustrated has penned an article entitled “Number Crunchers.”  This article, which can only be seen in its entirety if you are a subscriber, features The Sports Economist.  This is a blog led by Skip Sauer.  Skip is the man in the picture and also the chair of the economics department at Clemson University.  Syken does a fantastic job of introducing readers both to Sauer’s blog and also, just like the USA Today piece, the field of sports economics.  As the Syken article notes, a collection of sports economists regularly contribute to The Sports Economist.  Contributors include Dennis Coates, Rodney Fort, Brian Goff, Brad Humphreys, Victor Matheson, Phil Miller, John Palmer, Stefan Szymanski, and Dave Berri (that’s me). 

All in all, this is a pretty big day for our field.  Nice to see all of our efforts gain some recognition.

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