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50,000 hits

August 31, 2006 by


Just noticed that in the past few hours The Wages of Wins Journal has passed 50,000 hits. Our blog has only existed since April. So that means we are averaging more than 10,000 hits per month. Not sure how that compares to the other blogs we enjoy, but it sounds impressive. Just wanted to thank […]

Choosing a Player of the Game

August 31, 2006 by


Generally I like the columns of Steve Kerr.  In fact, a few weeks ago I liked what Steve Kerr had to say so much I repeated the same statement from Kerr twice (see HERE). Yesterday, though, in his summary of Team USA’s game against Germany, he argued that the player of the game was Carmelo […]

The Cleveland Cavaliers in 2005-06

August 30, 2006 by


If we are going in alphabetical order, then after Charlotte should come Chicago.  Chicago, who is featured prominently in The Wages of Wins, has already been reviewed in a previous post on Ben Gordon. So there seems no need for another post on the Bulls. Consequently this post is about the Cleveland Cavaliers.  Over at […]

Everybody Has a Bad Game

August 29, 2006 by


A few days ago I noted that only one player for Team USA has been above average in each and every game. That player was Chris Paul. Well, against Australia on Sunday Mr. Paul posted the following numbers: In 23 minutes he took five field goals and only hit one. He didn’t go to the […]

The Charlotte Bobcats in 2005-06

August 28, 2006 by


If you are a fan of the Bobcats, this post might be disappointing.  It is not because I will say anything too distressing about the team from Charlotte. Rather, it is because I wish to spend most of this post talking about Bernie Bickerstaff and the Denver Nuggets. Bernie Bickerstaff came to the Denver Nuggets […]

The New York Times, Once Again

August 26, 2006 by


Martin Schmidt has written another Keeping Score column for the New York Times.  In “Numbers Often Lie When It Comes to Football” Marty makes a point we make in the ninth chapter of The Wages of Wins.  Unlike baseball and basketball, the statistics tracked for players in the NFL are often not about the individual […]

Thoughts on Team USA After the Preliminaries

August 26, 2006 by


Team USA scored a perfect mark in the preliminaries of the FIBA Men’s World Championship.  Five games played, five games won.  And given the talent the USA has brought to the Japan, it is clear why Team USA is the favorite to take the gold.  Here are some thoughts I had on Team USA last […]

Harrington’s Not Stojakovic Either

August 25, 2006 by


On Wednesday I commented on the Pacers signing of Al Harrington.  Chad Ford at ESPN – in an Insider article – has argued that signing Harrington is one of the better moves any NBA team made this summer.  Given Harrington’s productivity in his career, this seems a difficult position to defend.  Earlier I compared Harrington […]

The Boston Celtics in 2005-06

August 24, 2006 by


Paul Pierce is a good player.  Okay, he is a great player.  In 2005-06 he produced 17.3 wins, which ranked 12th in the NBA.  And last year was not a fluke.  Pierce has already produced more than 100 wins in his career and has never posted a level of productivity that was below average.  When […]

Al Harrington Finally Signs

August 23, 2006 by


The Al Harrington free agent story, which I discussed previously HERE and HERE, has finally come to a close.  According to ESPN, Harrington has signed a four year contract worth $35.3 million.   Towards the end of the ESPN story was the following paragraph:   “Atlanta’s reluctance to deal with the other teams chasing Harrington maintained […]