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In the book we promised to post some of the technical details behind our analysis.  So far we have failed to live up to this promise.  This is primarily because we are lazy and frankly did not think too many people were that interested.  But apparently some people do wish to see some details. 

Stacey looked through the book and he says this is exactly what we promised in each chapter:   

Chapter 1:  No promises 

Chapter 2:  Promised to post the intervention analysis of NBA attendance. 

Chapter 3:  Promised statistical details about adding payroll.  

Chapter 4:  No promises 

Chapter 5:  In footnote 19 we promised that we would place the estimation of the NBA gate revenue model on the website. 

Chapter 6:  In footnote 24 we promised that we would post the math behind calculating the number of team rebounds that change possessions on the website. 

Chapter 7:  No promises 

Chapter 8:  In footnote 1 we mention that we should put a question on the website regarding which was the most obscure beginning to a chapter – The David Hume quote at the start of chapter three or the Frank Sinatra quote at the start of chapter eight.     

Chapter 9:  No promises 

Chapter 10:  No promises 

I can’t keep all these promises today, but I can make a start.  So HERE is the estimation of the NBA gate revenue model noted in chapter five.  As a bonus, I am also including the estimation of the NBA road attendance model also mentioned in the chapter.  As for the other material….Marty says he will try and get the NBA attendance results posted soon.   

The discussion of team rebounds will be included in a paper I am currently trying to finish that will explain all the details behind Wins Produced and Win Score.  That paper should be finished in the next few months.   

For now, though, I promised Jim Albert and Ruud H. Koning – the editors of a forthcoming book entitled “Statistical Thinking in Sports” – that I would write a chapter explaining the details behind the NFL productivity model discussed in Chapter Nine of The Wages of Wins.  This paper is due at the end of August.    Hey, that only gives me eleven days to finish.    Okay, I better get to work.   

Sorry again for all the delays in getting this material posted.  We will get everything out there soon.   

Well, maybe not the Hume-Sinatra poll.  

— DJ

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