Everybody Has a Bad Game

Posted on August 29, 2006 by


A few days ago I noted that only one player for Team USA has been above average in each and every game. That player was Chris Paul.

Well, against Australia on Sunday Mr. Paul posted the following numbers: In 23 minutes he took five field goals and only hit one. He didn’t go to the line, so this means he only scored two points. He did get two steals, but turned the ball over twice. Additionally, he posted three rebounds, four assists, and two personal fouls. Put it all together, and we get a Win Score of 1.0. His Win Score per-minute was only 0.043, and that is well below average. In sum, Paul had a bad game.

And that means that every player on Team USA has posted at least one below average game. Here is who each player faltered against.

Chris Paul: Australia

Carmelo Anthony:China (barely)

LeBron James: Italy

Joe Johnson: Puerto Rico, Slovenia, Italy

Kirk Hinrich: Italy, Senegal

Dwyane Wade: Puerto Rico

Elton Brand: Puerto Rico, Australia

Dwight Howard: Slovenia, Italy

Shane Battier: China, Italy

Chris Bosh: China, Slovenia

Antawn Jamison: Puerto Rico, China, Italy, Australia

Brad Miller: Senegal, Australia

Upon further review, if Anthony played anytime at shooting guard against China – and he probably did — then he was not below average in that game. So Anthony, who has been the most productive player so far, may have a perfect record.

His two co-captains have only faltered once each, while every other player has posted at least two below average performances.

So if productivity in international play is the criteria, the captains of this team were correctly chosen. As noted, the performance of King James and Flash is not surprising. Of the players on Team USA, these two were the best in the NBA last season. Melo, though, was not one of the best players last season. Hence it would have been hard to predict prior to Japan that Anthony would be the most consistent and productive player on Team USA.

That being said, it is the case that Mr. Anthony has been amazing. One wonders, though, if he can he continue to hit three point shots at a 50% clip. And, furthermore, can he continue to generate more steals than turnovers?

So far everybody has had at least one truly bad game. The exception is Anthony. Hopefully he can fend off his bad game for three more contests.

– DJ