Missing a Week

Posted on September 25, 2006 by


Okay, I’m back. Last Wednesday I was in Chicago, where I spoke at a MarketStance seminar at the University of Chicago. As I noted about ten days ago, it’s great fun to talk about The Wages of Wins to a live audience. And the people assembled by MarketStance were a great audience. So thanks to Jeanne, John, Wayne, and Tom of MarketStance for inviting me to Chicago. I was given the opportunity to stay after my talk for about two hours and was very interested to learn how data was analyzed – and not analyzed — in the insurance industry.

Unfortunately, after this talk I had to drive to Michigan to attend a funeral for a close family member. That part of the trip was obviously not quite as fun.

Now I am back in Bakersfield and ready to return to work. So for the readers of this journal, you can expect regular entries again.

— DJ

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