Week Two Quarterback Rankings

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Okay, this is a bit late. We are almost finished with Week Three. But as I noted, I was not able to make entries last week. So here are the quarterback rankings for Week Two, and the overall rankings after the second week.

Rex Grossman was the top quarterback for the first two weeks. As noted in The Wages of Wins, such consistency cannot be expected to continue. And in Week Three, Grossman came back to earth. In the first two weeks Grossman posted a QB Score per play (QB Score is explained previously HERE and HERE and HERE) of 4.43 and 7.32, respectively. Given that average is 1.1, Grossman was quite good. Facing the Vikings in Week Three, though, Grossman posted a mark of 0.80. In other words, he was below average.

The rankings for Week Three will be posted after tonight’s game. So far, though, Brett Favre has posted the best QB Score per play in the third week, with a mark of 6.05. Unfortunately I think I am beginning to see a pattern. In Week Two Grossman had the best mark. In Week Three it was Favre. Each time the opponent was the Detroit Lions, the team I have followed all my life.

Next up for the Lions is Mark Bulger and the St. Louis Rams. Can Bulger make it three weeks in a row for the Lions defense?

– DJ

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