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Behavioral Economics

November 20, 2006 by


The rule I have adopted for this blog is one post a day. The reason for this rule is that I wish to guard against the blog taking away time from my academic research. So far, my one post a day rule appears to be working. Today, though, I don’t feel like working on this […]

The Short Supply of Tall People

November 20, 2006 by


Matthew Yglesias has posted a comment on Competitive Balance in the NBA. His comment echoes one of the stories we tell in The Wages of Wins – specifically that the NBA suffers from a “Short Supply of Tall People.” In his comment, Yglesias links to The Wages of Wins Journal. Unfortunately, I do not think […]

The Surprising Utah Jazz

November 20, 2006 by


After ten games the Utah Jazz have the best record in the NBA. How did this happen? In reviewing the Jazz of last season I noted that this team had several above average front-court players – Andrei Kirilenko, Carlos Boozer, Mehmut Okur, and Matt Harpring – and very little in the backcourt. And although the […]

Review from the International Journal of Sport Finance

November 20, 2006 by


On Saturday I noted JC Bradbury’s review of our book in The International Journal of Sport Finance. As I mentioned, this is the first review of our book in an academic setting by a fellow academic. Unfortunately I could not post this review without permission. Today I received this permission from Dennis Howard, the editor […]