USF Cougars Tops USF Cougars to Take the Title

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Yesterday the USF Cougars defeated the USF Cougars 23-19 to capture the 51st annual NAIA Football National Championship. Jason Dannelly reported that the victory completed a 14-0 season for USF. It was also a somewhat surprising victory, since USF only gained 214 yards while allowing USF to total 349 yards. The key to the game was the four turnovers that the Cougars forced.

Hmmmm…. all this is just a bit confusing. The USF who lost this game was the University of St. Francis. The USF that won this game was the University of Sioux Falls. Interestingly, both USF teams are called the Cougars. As Dannelly reported, this marked the first time that a national championship game featured teams with the same initials and same mascot.

In addition to the oddity of this title game, readers of the Wages of Wins Journal should note that the University of Sioux Falls is known for more than its football team. It is also the home of Stacey Brook, co-author of The Wages of Wins.

Of the universities employing WOW co-authors, USF might have the best football team. William and Mary finished its Atlantic 10 season with a 1-7 conference record. And Cal-State Bakersfield doesn’t have a football team (although our men’s basketball team defeated Pepperdine last night for our first victory over a Division I program since we announced our intention to move from Division II to Division I). So Stacey seems to have bragging rights with respect to college football. So far, though, he has not talked any smack about this. Of course, the day is still young.

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