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Yesterday I noted on our homepage (Wages of Wins) that two more reviews of The Wages of Wins have appeared. Since I am not sure if people are consistently looking at our home page, I thought I would note these reviews in this forum.

Allen R. Sanderson of the University of Chicago has reviewed our book for Choice. Sanderson’s short review has been added to the Reviews section, located on our homepage and at in the Review page posted above.

In December, John Bundell reviewed our book for Economic Affairs. We can’t reproduce the entire review, but here are the last three paragraphs:

“So are payrolls and wins highly correlated? Do strikes/lockouts impact on future attendance? Do current structures give competitive balance? Are tall people in ‘short’ supply? Do fans care about competitive balance? Does ‘star power’ bring in fans? Do ‘better’ players make their team-mates ‘better’? Do great players lift their games to higher levels when the games matter more? Buy the book and find out the answer to these and many other great questions. It’s 100% American but suggest various UK research questions. And in buying the book you will also be sending a signal to the market that we want good, interesting, accessible economics that explains the world around us and makes us see it in a different, better way.” – John Bundell, Director General, Institute of Economic Affairs

[John Blundell (2006). Review Special: THE WAGES OF WINS: TAKING MEASURE OF THE MANY MYTHS IN MODERN SPORT – by David J. Berri, Martin B. Schmidt and Stacey L. Brook. Economic Affairs 26 (4), 94–94. doi:10.1111/j.1468-0270.2006.682_5.x]

Analyzing the NBA in 2006-07

In addition to these reviews, the page entitled NBA Analysis: 2006-07 has been updated. All of the mid-season analysis has been listed. Additionally, the list of teams that have been examined has been updated.

At this point, these six teams have not been analyzed: Atlanta, Denver, Miami, Milwaukee, New Orleans/Oklahoma City, and Philadelphia.

As noted yesterday, I am going to examine the ability of the Heat to Repeat next. After my discussion of the Heat, I plan on discussing the Hornets, Hawks, and Bucks (in that order). Finally, I will review the two teams involved in the biggest trade of the year (thus far), the Nuggets and 76ers.

When the Nuggets and 76ers are reviewed, a comment on every team will have been posted. After that, I guess I could go back and look at any specific team. Again, I am open to requests. So please let me know which teams you wish me to look at again.

– DJ

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