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Four Final Four Thoughts

March 31, 2007 by


Yesterday I was on Bloomberg Television, discussing the NCAA Final Four (and a bit of baseball) with Rhonda Shaffler. Let me expand briefly on what I said. 1. The Final Four is a Big Business for a Small Number of Schools CBS pays the NCAA $6.2 billion – over 11 years – to broadcast the […]

Is Kevin Martin the Most Improved?

March 29, 2007 by


If we compare player performance in the basketball, baseball, and football we see that over time, NBA players are the most consistent. Football players tend to be quite inconsistent. Although NBA players tend to be relatively consistent across time, player performance can change. And each year the NBA has an award that theoretically rewards the […]

Incorporating Defense

March 26, 2007 by


The Wins Produced model begins with a simple idea.  Wins are a function of offensive and defensive efficiency.  This idea can be found in the work of John Hollinger and Dean Oliver.  And with a bit of math, you can show that wins are indeed a function of these efficiency metrics. Once we see that […]

An Inconsistent Consistency Story

March 22, 2007 by


A few days ago I made a comment about the consistency of the Minnesota Timberwolves. The point I was trying to make was that given the past productivity of the players employed by Minnesota, one should expect this team to be hovering around the average mark. This means this team will win some and lose […]

NBA Babble Babble

March 21, 2007 by


NBA Babble and Win Score had added a couple of new features. You now have the following options in viewing the Win Score of NBA Players. Win Score stats by team Win Score stats by day Win Score stats by player Win Score stats for every game, every player Of course Jason Chandler’s website does […]

Time to Play Balkman and the Genius of Isiah

March 20, 2007 by


On Sunday the Knicks defeated the Toronto Raptors. The hero of the game was Renaldo Balkman. In 32 minutes he captured 12 rebounds, had 3 steals, blocked 2 shots, and hit all 7 of his field goal attempts. For the game he had a Win Score of 20.5, which translates into a PAWS of 14.5 […]

But You Are Consistent

March 19, 2007 by


Before I get to my Monday post, let me just note that Henry Abbott and TrueHoop have officially joined You can see the new TrueHoop (which Henry promises will be the same as the old, just better) by looking HERE. For those not familiar with TrueHoop, it is the creation of sportswriter Henry Abbott […]

Calculating Economic Values

March 18, 2007 by


The Baseball Economist has now been on the market for three days. Surprisingly, some people have not bought this book. To further advance its cause, I thought I would spend part of my Sunday commenting on this book again. The Scully Model In Chapter 13 Bradbury asks “What is a Baseball Player Worth?” His answer […]

Surviving Wade

March 16, 2007 by


Dwyane Wade went down with an injury about three weeks ago. At this time, the Miami Heat had a record of 26-27 and I had just analyzed the Heat’s chances to repeat. This analysis indicated that Wade was the team’s most productive player. Unfortunately several aging veterans were not producing like they had in the […]

Maybe Players Are What They Are

March 15, 2007 by


Yesterday the Milwaukee Bucks fired their head coach, Terry Stotts. Little explanation was given initially for a move that appears on the surface to be pointless. With only 18 games left in the regular season, changing coaches would seem to have no impact on the final outcome this team will achieve in 2006-07. And although […]