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Show Me the Wins

April 28, 2007 by


Guest blogger Steve Walters is back. For those of you with extremely short memories, Steve teaches economics at Loyola College in Maryland but remains a fan of his hometown Red Sox, Celtics, Patriots, and Bruins. What would you do with a half billion dollars or so? Would you put that money to work on Wall […]

The NFL Draft on Bloomberg TV

April 26, 2007 by


Just to let everyone know… I am scheduled to be a guest on Bloomberg on the Economy (with Kathleen Hays) at 2:30pm EST (around that time) tomorrow.  The topic of discussion will be the economics of the NFL Draft.  Update: Just heard (at 7:40am PST) that I will not be on today.  Ah, the fickled […]

The Face on Mars and Wins Produced

April 26, 2007 by


As Dave has blogged earlier – we employ a team statistical adjustment (i.e. team defense) measure as part of the Wins Produced metric.  This measure incorporates the opponent’s field goals made, opponent’s turnovers, and team rebounds into our analysis of individual players. Now this may come as a shock to you but we have critics.  […]

Rumors, Experts, and Human Growth Hormone

April 24, 2007 by


Today’s guest blogger is JC Bradbury. JC is an associate professor at Kennesaw State University. He is well-known for his website – Sabernomics – which combines the best of sabermetrics and economics. And of course, he is The Baseball Economist (which is both his title and the title of his first book). If you want […]

Sports Illustrated and the Wages of Win

April 22, 2007 by


In the April 23rd issue of Sports Illustrated is the following brief story (it appears on page 24): Title: The Wages of Win Subtitle: Breaking Story – Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness, NBA Titles Story: The last six NBA champions have had two things in common.  They’ve played outstanding basketball, and they’ve been relatively frugal.  Since […]

It Ain’t Necessarily So

April 21, 2007 by


Today’s guest blogger is Steve Walters. Apart from his day job as a professor of economics at Loyola College in Maryland, Steve has served as a consultant to two MLB teams and writes occasional statistical analysis features for The Sporting News. He grew up in Salem, Massachusetts, remains a citizen of Red Sox Nation, and […]

One Correct Prediction

April 19, 2007 by


Earlier this week Steve Kerr asked the following question: Who could have predicted the Sixers would win 29 of 57 games since trading Allen Iverson? Hmmmm….. I wonder. Last December 19th, when the trade was made, I offered my first impressions of the Iverson trade. Here is most of that post: Iverson, as we noted […]

Why Have a Draft?

April 17, 2007 by


Let’s say your team is a loser. If your team played in a European league that would be a problem. European sports leagues have a system of promotion and relegation, which means the losers each season get demoted into the sports minor leagues and the best of the minor leagues are promoted to the majors. […]

Drew Bledsoe in the Hall of Fame?

April 15, 2007 by


Drew Bledsoe, the first player taken in the 1993 draft, retired last week. According to Don Banks of, Bledsoe finishes his career fifth all-time in completions (3,839), seventh in passing yards (44,611) and 13th in touchdown passes (251). So these stats suggest he is one of the all-time greats. Performance in sports, though, is […]

Fantasy Playoff Basketball

April 15, 2007 by


The playoffs start in just a few days and Jason Chandler – of NBA Babble and Win Score – has come up with a way to increase your viewing pleasure.  Chandler has set up a fantasy basketball game for the playoffs based on Win Score.  To the best of my knowledge, this is the first […]