Sabernomics Tops WOW

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For those who missed the big sports news this weekend — No. 3-seed Kennesaw State struck early and often as the Owls run-ruled Cal State Bakersfield, 8-0, in the Championship Game of the 2007 KSU Invitational at Bailey Park on Sunday afternoon.

Kennesaw State is the home of JC Bradbury (of Sabernomics fame). Cal-State Bakersfield is where I call home. Given that the Owls could call upon the wisdom of The Baseball Economist – and they were hosting the event – the Roadrunners were at a huge disadvantage.

Complicating matters, it appears that CSUB was influenced by The Wages of Wins. WOW argues that scoring is over-valued. It appears the Roadrunners took this to idea to heart and completely resisted the urge to score any runs.

Maybe I should have emphasized that scoring is over-valued, not worthless. Plus, the WOW story is about basketball, not softball. 

Not sure that it would have made any difference if this was more clear.  With Bradbury undoubtedly helping from the stands, the Roadrunners probably didn’t stand a chance.

– DJ

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