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Okay, I am almost back to posting on a semi-daily basis. Tomorrow I plan on posting a comment that I have tentatively titled “Speeding Up Time for Bill Simmons.” But today is not tomorrow, so I thought I would quickly update the WOW Journal with one more comment on the Price-Wolfers study.

In the Daily Pennsylvanian – which they describe as the independent student newspaper at the University of Pennsylvania – was a story by Emily Babay on the Price-Wolfers study. One might expect this story, entitled Study indicates racial bias in NBA refereeing”, to simply re-hash the story that appeared in The New York Times. Babay, though, offered a bit more. Nestled inside Babay’s article are the following two quotes from Justin Wolfers:

Wolfers, who has read the NBA report, said the league misinterpreted its own study. “Their data shows they actually agree with me,” he said. “Their statistics show there’s evidence of own-race bias.”

Wolfers went on to add…

“None of these guys called me a bad basketball player,” he said. “The called me a bad economist. Quite frankly, I think I’m a terrible basketball player. But I don’t know that they’re in a position to judge my economics.”

I am just going to toss those two quotes out there for comment. I should be back tomorrow with something new.

UPDATE:  ESPN’s Lester Munson has written a story that also re-iterated the point Wolfers has made:  The NBA study also found evidence of racial bias. 

 – DJ