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The Gongol rankings for June came out yesterday and The Wages of Wins Journal is now ranked 38th among ranked business and economics blogs in number of “page views”. In terms of “visitors” we are ranked 41st.

What are the Gongol rankings? In April, while noting our one year anniversary, I offered the following explanation of this ranking.

“…let me refer to the ranking of economics blogs posted by Brian Gongol. Gongol has created a ranking that compares a blog’s page views – and visits – to the top economics blog. He then compares that blog ranking to a similar comparison of newspaper circulations. Consequently, Gongol can give each blog a sense of their audience size.

To see how these rankings work, let’s note that the top econ blog is The Big Picture, which has 29,878 page views per day. ElectEcon – a blog similar in size to the WOW journal – ranks 45th on the list and has about 842 page views per day. The relative size of ElectEcon to The Big Picture is similar to the circulation rates of the Argus Leader – Stacey’s local paper in Sioux Falls – relative to the USA Today.

In sum, the WOW Journal is the Argus Leader of Econ blogs, which is the same story you can tell for The Sports Economist (the other blog where I occasionally post).”

Gongol ranked the WOW journal for the first time in May. So June is only the second month we have appeared in the ranking. Still, this is undoubtedly the highest we would have ever been ranked.

As noted, Gongol compares each blog to a newspaper. For page views, our ranking is now comparable to the newspaper ranking of the Lincoln Journal Star. From the time I was about 12 until I went to graduate school at 21, Lincoln, Nebraska was my home. So I am very familiar with this paper.

As for visitors, our ranking is comparable to the Naples Daily News. If we were ranked 42nd (one spot lower), though, we would be equivalent to the Bakersfield Californian. This is the very paper I read every morning (at least the comics and sports page).

Thanks once again to everyone for stopping by. For June the big story will be the NBA Finals. Look for posts on this starting later in the week.

– DJ

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