A New Banner Thanks to Jeremy Britton

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Last night I got an e-mail from Jeremy Britton.  Jeremy – a loyal reader of the WoW Journal – noted that he liked some recent posts.  He then noted the recent brief change in this blog’s presentation.  After noting he didn’t like those now discarded changes, he then moved on to comment on the new banner (which is now the “old” banner).  For that he offered these words:  “If you’d like to use it, I cooked up a tidy replacement.”

And my answer…. of course I would love to use this.  Jeremy’s banner, which you can now all see, is clearly much better.  So many thanks to Jeremy for creating a clear upgrade to this site.  

I should note that one clear problem with both wagesofwins.com and the WoW Journal is that the art director – which is me – is pretty clueless.  Not only does our art director know virtually nothing about how to create web pages, he has no real artistic sensibility.  And to make it worse, he keeps trying to make things “look better.”  It is great that people like Jeremy – who clearly has skills – is willing to help.  

– DJ

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