Week Five QB Score and RB Score Rankings

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Overall and Week Five QB Score Rankings

Overall and Week Five RB Score Rankings

Here are the QB Score and RB Score rankings for Week Five.  The above links actually provide two tables for both the quarterbacks and running backs. 

Looking at the quarterbacks, the first table is the overall rankings.  As you can see, the top quarterbacks – in terms of QB Score per play – are Tom Brady, Jeff Garcia, Peyton Manning, Tony Romo, and David Garrard.  Of these, only Romo is not a top five quarterback in the NFL quarterback rating system.

Although the top signal callers look basicall the same in the simple (yet accurate) QB Score metric and the far less simple (and less accurate) NFL measure, there are some differences.  For example, Jon Kitna of the Lions (the team I follow) is the most overrated passer.  Kitna’s ranks only 19th in QB Score per play, while placing 10th in the NFL’s measure.  Other overrated quarterbacks include Chad Pennington and Brian Griese.

The underrated are led by the quarterback the Lions faced this last week.  Jason Campbell is currently ranked 7th in QB Score per play, but only 17th in quarterback rating.  Trent Green and Jay Cutler are also underrated thus far.

The “thus far” has to be emphasized.  In the table reporting where quarterbacks rank for just this past week I also report where each signal caller has ranked each week of the 2007 NFL season.  When we see these weekly rankings we see the general inconsistency of quarterbacks.  At this point, 24 quarterbacks (of those who played in week five) have played in at least three games.  Of these 24, fifteen have posted at least one top ten ranking and one ranking below #20.  So 62.5% of quarterbacks so far have had at least one “good” performance and one “bad” performance.  And this is just after five weeks.

Perhaps the most inconsistent performer has been Derek Anderson of the Browns.  He has alternated top ten and bottom ten finishes this season.  Given this pattern, one can expect a top ten finish in week six.  So perhaps Miami should be concerned (then again, maybe not).

I suppose I should say something about the running backs.  But I am short on time today, so feel free to make up your own stories.  

– DJ

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