Week Six QB Score and RB Score Rankings

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Overall and Week Six QB Score Rankings

Overall RB Score Rankings

Here are the QB Score and RB Score rankings for Week Six.  The above links actually provides two tables for the quarterbacks (but only the overall rankings for the running backs). 

Normally I post these on Wednesday, but this has become a problem. I teach on Tuesday night, so it’s difficult to finish teaching Intermediate Macroeconomics at 8pm and then go home and put these tables together.  So I have decided to move this feature to Saturday when my thoughts once again turn to football.

Of course, Saturday is a problem also.  Not sure I want to spend my Saturday’s blogging.

Given my desire to do something else, here is one quick comment on the quarterbacks and the running backs.

One Quarterback Thought

When we look at the overall quarterback rankings we see that top ten are basically the same whether you look at QB Score, Net Points, Wins Produced, or the NFL’s QB Rating.  The lone exception is Jon Kitna.  The Lions’ signal caller leads the NFL in yards lost from sacks and only Steve McNair has lost more fumbles.  Neither sacks nor fumbles count in the NFL’s metric but clearly both matters in terms of wins.  When these are incorporated in our analysis, as they are with QB Score, Kitna is ranked 21st (not 8th as he is according to the NFL’s measure).

One Running back Thought

And here is a quick comment on the running backs. Stephen Jackson is currently 11th in the league in rushing yards per game.  But per play he only gains 3.8 yards, which ranks 25th out of 30 in the league.  Plus he has fumbled twice.  Given that you have to gain at least 2.7 yards per play to break even with respect to Net Points and Wins (break even is 3 for the simple RB Score measure), Jackson barely provides anything positive when he touches the ball.  When you factor in the turnovers, he has done virtually nothing for the Rams this year.

Okay, those are my NFL thoughts for this week.  For those who want more, I would recommend you check out Brian Burke’s NFL Stats blog (even if he picks against my Lions this week).

– DJ

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