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The Rising Rockets?

October 22, 2007 by


Which was the greatest team in the history of the Houston Rockets? In 1994 and 1995 the Rockets won the NBA Championship.  In 1981 and 1986 the Rockets made it to the NBA Finals only to lose to the Boston Celtics.  It would seem that the greatest has to come from these four editions. Although […]

Predicting Unhappiness for Jermaine O’Neal

October 21, 2007 by


In 2003-04 the Indiana Pacers were the best team in the NBA.  At least, they won more games than anyone else.  When we look at efficiency differential (offensive efficiency minus defensive efficiency) we see that both the Spurs and Pistons were a bit better that year. Still, the Pacers were pretty good and Jermaine O’Neal […]

Learning from Greg Mankiw

October 21, 2007 by


Gregory Mankiw is a Harvard economist and former head of The Council of Economic Advisers.  He also has a very popular blog (Greg Mankiw’s Blog – Random Observations for Students of Economics). According to Brian Gongol’s rankings, as well as the Aaron Schiff’s rankings, Mankiw’s site ranks in the top five among business and economics […]

Week Six QB Score and RB Score Rankings

October 20, 2007 by


Overall and Week Six QB Score Rankings Overall RB Score Rankings Here are the QB Score and RB Score rankings for Week Six.  The above links actually provides two tables for the quarterbacks (but only the overall rankings for the running backs).  Normally I post these on Wednesday, but this has become a problem. I […]

Big Things Poppin at VIBE Magazine

October 19, 2007 by


With the approaching NBA season comes an abundance of NBA preview publications.  With so many choices, which one should you choose? Such a decision could take you days to make.  To simplify everybody’s life I am going to identify the best NBA preview.  If you go to any supermarket, bookstore, newsstand, etc… you will find […]

Kobe Myths

October 18, 2007 by


Kobe Bryant came to Bakersfield tonight.  A few years ago I was given a court-side ticket for the annual visit by the Lakers to Bakersfield, but my source for that ticket (Rich Campbell, a sports marketing professor) has moved on from Cal-State Bakersfield (if Campbell was still here, though, I would have still missed the […]

The Mark Cuban Era in Dallas

October 17, 2007 by


Mark Cuban became the majority owner of the Dallas Mavericks towards the end of the 1999-00 season (the deal was approved by the NBA on April 11, 2000).  The team Cuban purchased was just finishing its 20th season in the Association. In those 20 years the Mavericks had won 40% of its regular season games.  […]

A Better Football Poll?

October 16, 2007 by


I posted the following at The Sports Economist. In addition to re-posting this column here, I have also added below the first Wages of Wins College Football Ranking.  Hope you enjoy.

The Wages of Wins in One Sentence

October 16, 2007 by


I was going to post a different story today, but I wanted to comment on something posted at SI.Com.  The following is a caption for a picture of Gilbert Arenas:  Having already stated his intention to become a free agent next summer, Agent Zero is likely to use the coming season as one long job […]

Looking Back at the 1995 Draft or An Antidote for the Potential Drug

October 14, 2007 by


The 2007 exhibition season has now started and fans are finally getting their first glimpse at the players taken in the 2007 NBA draft. And already many are drunk on the “potential” drug.  Although dreaming about potential is fun, a stroll down memory lane suggests that many of the players we think have “potential” today are going […]