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Reviewing the Southwest Division

December 21, 2007 by


Four divisions have been reviewed (Atlantic, Central, Southeast, and Northwest). All that’s left is the top two divisions in the Association, the Southwest and Pacific.  Today we turn to the very top, the Southwest. Wins and Efficiency Differential As I have done with each division, we start with the current standings and each team’s efficiency […]

Surviving the Loss of Agent Zero

December 20, 2007 by


In 1977-78 the Washington Bullets won the NBA title.  The next season, this team won 54 games and appeared in the NBA Finals.  And then this franchise descended into the depths of the Association.  Across the next 24 seasons, the Washington franchise never won more than 44 games and only finished with a winning record […]

Reviewing the Northwest Division

December 19, 2007 by


The Eastern Conference has been reviewed (Atlantic, Central, and Southeast Division).  Now it’s time to move on to the Western Conference.  And so we head to the Northwest and the home of the Jazz, Nuggets, Blazers, Sonics, and T-Wolves. Wins and Efficiency Differential Following the format of the previous reviews, I will start by noting […]

Different Answers — Same Conclusions

December 18, 2007 by


Who was the best player in 2006-07? The MVP was Dirk Nowitzki.  The scoring leader was Kobe Bryant.  And the leader in Player Efficiency Rating (PER) was Dwyane Wade. Of course, voting by the sportswriters is problematic.  Sports writers tend to pick the leading scorer – or in the case of Steve Nash, leading contributor […]

Reviewing the Southeast Division

December 17, 2007 by


Thus far I have reviewed all five teams in both the Atlantic and Central divisions. This week we turn our attention to the Southeast. Wins and Efficiency Differential Following the format of the previous reviews, I will start by noting each team’s won-loss record and efficiency differential (offensive efficiency – defensive efficiency). Orlando: 17-8, 4.8 […]

Stop the Presses — Two Economists Agree

December 16, 2007 by


If you put all the economists in the world end to end, you still couldn’t reach a conclusion.  This joke (old yet still good) highlights a basic characteristic of economics.  Economists tend not to agree.  So when we see two economists independently telling the same story, well, that’s news.  On Saturday I noted a column […]

The Overrated and Underrated in the NFL

December 16, 2007 by


This week’s football column is going to consist of a review of a book examining the overrated and underrated in the NFL.  Before I get to this, here are the QB Score and RB Score rankings for the week. Week Fourteen QB Score Rankings Overall QB Score Rankings Overall RB Score Rankings The Paolantonio Report […]

Marvin Williams Makes a Hypothetical Deal

December 16, 2007 by


Back in 2005 the Atlanta Hawks held the second pick in the NBA draft.  With point guards Chris Paul and Deron Williams on the board, the Hawks opted for forward Marvin Williams.  Last year, while both Paul and D.Williams were posting above average campaigns, M. Williams was decidedly below average.  And this is true regardless of […]

WoW in SI Again

December 15, 2007 by


Yesterday morning Brendan Nyhan asked me if I knew Sports Illustrated had once again cited The Wages of Wins.  Since my copy of Sports Illustrated doesn’t arrive until Friday afternoon, I had to tell Brendan that I did not know this. But by yesterday afternoon I learned that Brendan was indeed correct.  In the afternoon […]

How to Eliminate Steroids in Baseball

December 15, 2007 by


Yesterday JC Bradbury wrote a column explaining how the steroid issue in baseball is probably not going to impact the long-run financial health of the game. This analysis was based partly on The Wages of Wins.  Today Bradbury has a column in the New York Times which details how baseball could eliminate steroids from the […]