David Aldridge and the Wages of Wins

Posted on March 26, 2008 by


The following sentence appeared in an article by David Aldridge in the Philadelphia Inquirer today:

The highly regarded Wages of Wins Web site, which uses statistical analysis to grade NBA players, rated Dalembert an all-star, finding he “produced” 5.9 wins for the 76ers the first half of the season.

The article —Big factors in Sixers’ big turnaround – discusses the “surprising” Philadelphia 76ers.

And for those who read

The Benefit of Low Expectations in Philadelphia

you know why I put “surprising” in quotation marks.

By the way, Aldridge is a very good writer, so it’s not “surprising” he offers quite a few interesting insights.  Included in this list is the observation that the Sixers winning ways has translated into a boost in attendance.

Hat Tip to Peter von Allmen (resident of Philadelphia and co-author of The Economics of Sports).

– DJ