Thursday was another milestone

Posted on April 12, 2008 by


On Tuesday the Wages of Wins Journal reached one million in page views.  Thursday was another milestone (which I missed): Our Second Anniversary.

As I did last year on our first anniversary, it’s to check the stats on this blog.

Here were our Word Press stats after Year One:

Number of Posts: 335

Number of Comments: 1,483

Number of Page Views: 221,785

Here are our Word Press stats for Year Two:

Number of Posts: 330

Number of Comments: 5,617

Number of Page Views: 791,790

From these numbers we see that page views for the average post have increased from 662 to 2,399.  The average number of comments has risen from 4.4 to 17.0.   So both views and comments have more than tripled in the past year. 

Looking over the data it appears that comments and views are linked.  Across both years we see that it seems to take between 140 to 150 page views to generate a comment.  So it appears the silent readers vastly out-number those who choose to leave a comment.  Not sure what that means, just playing with the data.

I will note that I do read almost all the comments (except those that don’t seem to have an end).  And most of these comments seem pretty interesting.  Unfortunately the time I have to respond has diminished. 

Let me close by noting that Year One was certainly fun.  Year Two was even better.  In Year Three the second book will be published (at least, that’s the plan).  So the Wages of Wins conversation looks like it will continue.  So as I stated a few days ago, thanks to everyone for stopping by.  Hopefully that will continue to be a worthwhile way to spend some time.

– DJ