The Top 15 at Each Position

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This weekend – while watching the NFL draft (which doesn’t appear to be going so well for the Lions) – I finished my analysis of the 2007-08 NBA regular season.  Over the next few weeks I will be offering comments on this past season (primarily focusing on each team).  Before I start writing these comments, I thought people might be interested in looking at the Top 15 players – in terms of Wins Produced – at each position.

Table One: Top 15 Point Guards

Table Two: Top 15 Shooting Guards

Table Three: Top 15 Small Forwards

Table Four: Top 15 Power Forwards

Table Five: Top 15 Centers

For those interested in the MVP race, here is where the top candidates rank:

Chris Paul: #1 Point Guard (and #1 overall)

Kobe Bryant: #1 Shooting Guard

LeBron James: #1 Small Forward

Kevin Garnett: #2 Power Forward (would be #1 had he played more minutes)

Dwight Howard: #1 Center

As I have argued in the past, I still think Paul is the best choice.  And of these, Kobe is the worst.  That being said, Kobe did finish in the top ten in Wins Produced.  

Okay, now back to the draft.  The Lions took another wide receiver at the top of the fifth round.  I am hoping they take a new general manager with the second choice in the fifth round.  Of those left on the board, who does Mel Kiper rate as the highest GM?

– DJ

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