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A Eulogy for the Knicks of Isiah Thomas

April 6, 2008 by


In the April 6 edition of New York Magazine (on newsstands Monday) is the following article by Jeff Coplon: Absolutely, Positively the Worst Team in the History of Professional Sports: A eulogy for Isiah Thomas’s New York Knickerbockers. This is a lengthy article (more than 6,000 words) that I know took quite some time to […]

More on KG and the M2P

April 6, 2008 by


A couple of weeks ago Andre’ Snellings – of Yahoo! Sports and– asked me to evaluate the top candidate for the MVP award.  Snellings was primarily interested in where Wins Produced ranked Kevin Garnett.  His column (Hoops Lab: MVP Talk IV – The Heart) covered far more than the Wins Produced numbers (and is hence […]

Bill Gerrard and Billy Beane are Doing a Number on Soccer

April 5, 2008 by


Doing a Number on Soccer is a story penned by Chris Ballard for the April 7 issue of Sports Illustrated. The article (which I can’t find on-line) looks at the impact Billy Beane – the Oakland A’s general manager – is having on soccer.  Here is an excerpt from the story: … the Oakland A’s general […]

Missing the Obvious on KG

April 3, 2008 by


Who is the best player in the NBA?  The search for the best typically begins with the best team.  This year, the best team is the Boston Celtics.  And the best player on that team is Kevin Garnett.  So should KG be MVP? Sportswriters – the people charged with choosing the MVP – appear confused […]

The Data Ain’t Lying

April 2, 2008 by


Henry Abbott of TrueHoop posted the following earlier in the week: What a Time to Be a Sixer — Part One  No one disputes the same basic series of events. The team was in fairly dire straits. They had done a lot of losing. The few signs of hope were the things bad teams tend […]