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Dennis Coates on Perhaps the Most Important Myth in Professional Sports

May 31, 2008 by


The subtitle of The Wages of Wins is Taking Measure of the Many Myths in Modern Sport.  In our book we detail myths ranging from the value of scoring in the NBA (it is over-valued), to the impact of labor disputes on attendance in sports (there isn’t much of one), to the ability of baseball […]

Shopping for Unrestricted Free Agents

May 29, 2008 by


Teams often turn to the NBA draft to change their fortunes.  A few days ago, Erich Doerr provided a wonderful analysis of how much talent teams will find at the end of this June. Although there does appear to be some players who can help next year, it’s important to remember one basic fact about […]

The 2008 NBA Draft Preview

May 27, 2008 by


Today’s guest post is by Erich Doerr .  Erich first contacted me prior to the 2006 NBA Draft with a statistical preview in hand.  Each subsequent year has seen improvement in the depth and breadth of his analysis. This post continues the WoW Journal’s 2008 NBA Draft coverage. Outside of his basketball writing, Erich does […]

Nyhan Wonders About a Selig Quote

May 27, 2008 by


Brendan Nyhan – of – asked me (via e-mail) to look at the following quote from Major League Baseball commissioner, Bud Selig. “…. I think we have more parity than any [sport].” The partial quote appears in an article by Tom Verducci (The Bizarro Superman) examining the level of competitive balance in Major League […]

Monday Playoff Thoughts

May 26, 2008 by


Here are some less than serious thoughts NBA playoff thoughts for a Monday: Imagine that both the Spurs and the Pistons knew before this current round began that after three games of the conference finals each would be down 2-1.  Knowing this would these teams rather – have won the first game on the road, […]

The Underrated in 2007-08

May 24, 2008 by


Who is the most “underrated” player in the NBA?  As I noted a few days ago, the answer to this question requires two metrics.  The first metric should capture popular perception.  The second should approximate reality.  Of course, to make such an argument you have to argue that your reality differs from popular perception (so […]

What Do Chris Paul, Dwight Howard, LeBron James, and Tim Duncan have in Common?

May 22, 2008 by


The NBA has instituted a variety of caps on payroll.  There is the famous salary cap, which limits how much each team can spend on its payroll.  There is also a maximum salary, which is a cap on individual player salaries (and yes, this would be better called a salary cap).  And finally there is […]

News and News and News

May 21, 2008 by


Today is all about announcements.  We have news from Stacey Brook (co-author of The Wages of Wins), Andrew Feinstein (co-author of Girls&Sports and Opening Lines, Pinky Probes, and L-Bombs , and John W. Davis and Deven Khrucell of Pistonscast.  Two big Stacey Brook announcements. First, after eleven years at the University of Sioux Falls, Stacey […]

So What Happened to Boston? and Can Detroit Get to the Finals?

May 20, 2008 by


In the regular season the Celtics scored 107.4 points per 100 possessions while only allowing 96.4.  The team’s efficiency differential – offensive efficiency (107.4) minus defensive efficiency (96.4)-of 10.95 was the best mark since the Chicago Bulls differential of 13.00 and 11.61 seen in 1995-96 and 1996-97 respectively.  In fact, other than these two Chicago […]

Competitive Imbalance Continues in the NBA

May 20, 2008 by


The following NBA cities have never hosted an NBA championship parade: Atlanta, Charlotte, Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, East Rutherford (New Jersey), Indianapolis, Memphis, New Orleans, Orlando, Phoenix, Sacramento, Salt Lake City, and Toronto.  In all, of the 29 cities hosting a team, 14 – or 48.3% — have never won a title. If we focus on […]