Introducing the NBA Team Reviews: 2007-08

Posted on May 10, 2008 by


Now that the NBA regular season is concluded I will be posting comments on each team.  These columns will be collected in a page – listed on the right – titled NBA Team Reviews: 2007-08.  So far columns examining the Denver Nuggets, New Jersey Nets, and Atlanta Hawks have been posted.  There is no particular order to how these will be discussed, but eventually every team will be examined (hopefully before the end of July).

The NBA Team Reviews page will also post links to the table reviewing each player’s Wins Produced [and WP48]. In addition, I have noticed that occasionally fan websites devoted to specific teams will link to the corresponding WoW Journal team column.  If I see this I will post a link to that discussion (no guarantee, though, on the quality of that discussion).

In addition to offering columns on each team, I have also posted columns examining the entire league (for example, efficiency differential rankings) as well as comments on each post-season award (as they are announced).

One last note on fan websites…you will note that I have linked to the following five NBA team websites that I think rank among the best. 

Denver Stiffs [Denver Nuggets]

Hornets247 [New Orleans Hornets]

Pistonscast [Detroit Pistons]

Shades of Blue [Memphis Grizzlies]

The Bucks Diary [Milwaukee Bucks]

I have found the work posted at each of these sites to be consistently good.

– DJ