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The Most Overpaid in the NBA in 2007-08

May 18, 2008 by


According to Patricia Bender (who maintains an excellent NBA website), NBA teams collectively spent $2.06billion on player salaries in 2007-08.  With 451 players taking the court for an NBA team this past year, the average salary in the Association was $4.56 million. Certainly that is a huge sum to bounce a ball.  So one could […]

2007 NBA Draft Preview – One Year Later

May 17, 2008 by


Today’s guest post is by Erich Doerr.  Erich first contacted me prior to the 2006 NBA Draft with a statistical preview in hand.  Each subsequent year has seen improvement in the depth and breadth of his analysis, and this article kicks off the WoW Journal’s 2008 NBA Draft coverage. Outside of his basketball writing, Erich […]

Who is the Most Overrated in 2007-08?

May 15, 2008 by

24 tells us that the word “overrated” means: to rate or appraise too highly; overestimate The word “high” is a relative term.  To argue that something is “too high” or “too low” requires a reference point.  Actually, to be precise, you need two points of reference.  For example, batting average in baseball will overestimate a […]

The Second Rookies Trump the First

May 14, 2008 by


Most awards in the NBA are determined by the sportswriters.  The lone exceptions are the All-Defensive and All-Rookie teams.  Each of these is determined by NBA coaches. The All-Rookie team appears to be fairly simple.  This year there were 64 players who began their NBA careers.  From this pool of talent, each coach selects five […]

The Clippers Continue to Meet Expectations

May 12, 2008 by


The last team to lose a game in the Western Conference in 2007-08 was the LA Clippers. After four games the lowly Clippers were the only 4-0 team. Had the Clippers won four straight in the playoffs their team would have been remembered forever (or at least for a few weeks).  But when you have […]

Introducing the NBA Team Reviews: 2007-08

May 10, 2008 by


Now that the NBA regular season is concluded I will be posting comments on each team.  These columns will be collected in a page – listed on the right – titled NBA Team Reviews: 2007-08.  So far columns examining the Denver Nuggets, New Jersey Nets, and Atlanta Hawks have been posted.  There is no particular […]

Evaluating the Sportswriters Choices for MVP and All-NBA

May 9, 2008 by


The NBA has announced the media’s selection of the league’s Most Valuable Player as well as the members of the All-NBA First, Second, and Third teams.  With voting complete and reported, we can now evaluate the media’s choices. Table One reports the Wins Produced and WP48 [Wins Produced per 48 minutes] of the 42 players […]

Does George Karl Not Understand Game Pace? and Introducing Distortion Score

May 8, 2008 by


If you follow the link you will hear Dan Patrick – now of Sports Illustrated – interview George Karl (hat tip to Andy Feinstein of Denver Stiffs – formally  In the course of this conversation Dan Patrick re-iterated a common critique of the Denver Nuggets: Denver doesn’t play defense. Denver allowed 107 points per […]

So How Much did Atlanta Improve?

May 6, 2008 by


Over an 82 game season, the Boston Celtics won 29 more games than the Atlanta Hawks. Given this disparity, people expected the Celtics to easily defeat the Hawks in the first round of the playoffs. But that didn’t happen.  The Celtics were the only advancing team to be pushed to seven games in the first […]

Richard Jefferson and the Decline of the New Jersey Nets

May 5, 2008 by


The New Jersey Nets joined the NBA in 1976.  Over the next 24 years the Nets only had seven winning seasons.  The best of these teams was seen in 1982-83, when the Nets posted a 2.58 efficiency differential (offensive efficiency minus defensive efficiency) and won 49 games.  If this is your best, obviously your franchise […]