A Comprehensive Win Score Guide to the NBA Draft

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Erich Doerr – who has contributed a number of articles to The Wages of Wins Journal on college basketball and the NBA Draft – has written the following extensive article for Draft Express. 

2008 Win Scores NBA Draft Preview

As he notes in the article, the Draft Express article is an expansion on a study he posted in this forum a few weeks ago.  Although there are many additions to see, one of the most significant is a discussion of the international prospects available in the draft. 

Overall, I think Erich has captured just about all that Win Score can say about the NBA Draft.  I encourage everyone to print out a copy and have it handy as they watch the draft next week.  And as the commentators gush over O.J. Mayo, Eric Gordon, Brook Lopez, etc… ask the following question: If these players are going to be so good in the NBA, why were they not better players in college (where the competition isn’t nearly as good)?  

– DJ

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