Ending the Tragedy

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A recent comment noted one of the first columns (and still one of the most popular) posted at The Wages of Wins Journal.

The Tragedy of Kevin Garnett briefly details how Garnett – when he was in Minnesota – was often the M2P (Most Productive Player) in the league. Unfortunately, his teammates were often quite unproductive.  Consequently, few people recognized that KG was the best player in the game.  Here is how that column concluded:

And that is the tragedy of Kevin Garnett. Year after year he is the most productive player in the league. And year after year he plays with many players who are not only not average, but quite a bit below average.

I should note that KG’s Wins Production has declined each of the past four seasons. He still leads the league, but the difference between him and everyone else gets smaller each year. Soon Father Time will take its toll and KG will no longer dominate the NBA. Hopefully before that happens, he finds a few co-workers who can help him achieve the recognition his performance indicates he clearly deserves.

Apparently KG was able to find adequate co-workers in Boston.  And now that the Celtics – with KG – have won the NBA title, the tragedy is over.  Of course the same can also be said for The Tragedy of Paul Pierce

Speaking of older columns, I think it is time to revisit the following: Kobe Myths

In this column I compared Kobe’s regular season performance to the performances of both Paul Pierce and Michael Jordan. My next column will focus on the playoffs and reveal that “The Truth” is at least as strong as “Black Mamba” in the NBA’s second season.

– DJ