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Artest the Savior?

July 31, 2008 by


The big NBA news this week is that Ron Artest might be traded from the Sacramento Kings to the Houston Rockets.  Here is how the impact of this trade has been described by two writers at John Hollinger (Artest makes it a trio, boosting the Rockets’ offense, title hopes): The big idea is that […]

Okafor Finally Signs

July 29, 2008 by


Over the last few days there have been a number of wonderful suggestions for blog topics.  Josh suggested a post on the career of Karl Malone. Ken asked for a post on David Robinson. Stephanie would like more information on how performance changes with age. And William would like me to post the Wins Produced […]

The Return of the Dream

July 27, 2008 by


On August 10th the USA Basketball Men’s Senior National Team will begin the 2008 Olympics with a game against China.  The hope is that the Senior Team will fulfill the dreams of basketball fans in the USA and conclude the Beijing Olympics with a gold medal.  In other words, it’s hoped that the Senior Team […]

Playing With Vegas Numbers

July 24, 2008 by


Last summer Kevin Durant made his professional debut in the NBA summer leagues.  His performance inspired the following two posts: Disappointing Durant Durant Disappoints Again These two columns made two observations: a. Kevin Durant played very badly last summer. b. The media covering summer league basketball didn’t seem to notice that Kevin Durant played very badly last […]

The Childress Revolution

July 23, 2008 by


Josh Childress – the most productive player on the Atlanta Hawks in 2007-08 – is leaving the country. When I first heard this story I thought (and so did JC Bradbury): “What a great story for The Wages of Wins Journal.”  But as someone noted (and I forget who), I have a job and a […]

Building a Winner in Cleveland?

July 22, 2008 by


This weekend I noticed that the New Jersey Nets – in the supposed to effort to build a playoff contender – signed Keyon Dooling.  Having spent some time thinking about the NBA, I knew immediately that Dooling’s level of production in his career was not likely to help a team contend.  And when I looked […]

Building a Winner in New Jersey?

July 20, 2008 by


The New Jersey Nets announced Sunday that they have signed Keyon Dooling.   Dooling is coming off his best season, which suggests this move might help.  At least, until we learn what “best” means for Dooling. With the Orlando Magic in 2007-08, Dooling produced 1.4 wins in 1,334 minutes.  This works out to a WP48 [Wins […]

More on Elton Brand and Brett Favre

July 20, 2008 by


More on The Brand Value from James Beale Recently I posted “The Brand Value“, a column that details the expected impact of Elton Brand on the 76ers in 2008-09.  In this post I linked to an article by James Beale of the Philadelphia City Paper.  Beale’s article – “Better Experts Needed” – details how wrong […]

At Least We Have the Bucks

July 18, 2008 by


Here is one reaction Wisconsin fans could have to the Brett Favre saga:  “Well, at least we have the Bucks”. Okay, I don’t expect most Wisconsin sports fans are thinking the Bucks are going to provide much of a distraction.  At least, you wouldn’t think so if you looked at their performance in 2007-08. Milwaukee […]

Clipper Camby

July 16, 2008 by


On Tuesday the Denver Nuggets essentially gave their most productive player – Marcus Camby – to the LA Clippers.  Well “gave” is not quite the correct word.  The Nuggets did get a trade exception and the right to swap second round picks in 2010. Although these resources could have value, it’s not clear at this […]