Week Five Football Rankings

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Here are the Week Five Quarterback and Running Back Rankings

Table One: Quarterback Rankings for Week Five

Table Two: Running Back Rankings for Week Five

And here are some quick thoughts:

  • Eli Manning -without Plaxico Burress – has risen to the top of the Net Points per play rankings for quarterbacks.  In both 2006 and 2007 Manning was below average.  In the 2007 playoffs, though, Manning was quite a bit above average.  And this above average play has continued in 2008.
  • Only two quarterbacks have offered less than Joe Flacco.   Despite such a performance, though, Flacco has been named Baltimore’s starter for the remainder of the season. 
  • Gus Frerotte was drafted in the 7th round in 1994 and he is the last quarterback still playing from that draft.  Except for Kerry Collins, Trent Green, and Brett Favre, Frerotte is also the last quarterback still playing who was drafted before 1998.  Despite his longevity, though, Frerotte is currently below average.  This will likely change, though, this week.  The Detroit Lions – who seem to turn all opposing quarterbacks into stars – face Frerotte and the Vikings on Sunday.
  • And here is one running back thought… there are three rookie running backs – Steve Slaton, Matt Forte, and Chris Johnson – currently posting above average numbers.  None of these backs play for the Detroit Lions.  Kevin Smith – the rookie back in Detroit – has produced 1.6 Net Points per game but has not carried enough to qualify for the rankings (I employ a 10 carry per game cut-off).  Per play Smith is producing 0.129 Net Points, a mark that just surpasses the per-play mark of Forte.  So there is hope for Smith (but probably not for the Lions).

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