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Is Artest the Answer?

December 30, 2008 by


Two years ago the Houston Rockets posted a 5.2 efficiency differential (offensive efficiency minus defensive efficiency), won 52 games, and were bounced in the first round of the 2007 playoffs.  Last year the Rockets won 55 games with a 5.0 efficiency differential, and again the team lost in the first round. After two “good” seasons […]

Worth the Money – the Bogut and Okafor Story

December 28, 2008 by


Chris Broussard – in the December 29 issue of ESPN the Magazine – noted that a number of expensive NBA contracts signed last summer have not paid off this fall (the article – which I can’t find on-line — is on page 71 of the print edition).  Included in Broussard’s list were the contracts paid […]

New Page Added for NBA Midseason Analysis (2008-09)

December 26, 2008 by


So far I have posted analysis of 14 teams during the current season.  For those wondering who has been examined (and who has yet to be examined) I created the following page: NBA Mid-Season Analysis: 2008-09 As I have noted before, my work on the next book is restricting my posting Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights […]

The Best of the Rest at the One-Third Mark of the 2008-09 Season

December 23, 2008 by


One-third of the 2008-09 season has been completed.  And three teams – the Cleveland Cavaliers, Boston Celtics, and LA Lakers – have risen to the top.  Although the majority of the season still remains to be played, it seems likely that the eventual NBA champion will come from this trio (and thankfully, it’s certainly no […]

Kevin McHale and Blogger Power

December 21, 2008 by


Apparently Kevin McHale fears blogger power: “I think you’re going to see more and more shorter term stuff in our league,” he (McHale) said. “Just because the access now, there’s so much media availability and everything else.” “There’s just so many bloggers; everybody’s got an opinion. There’s all kinds of stuff going on. Sometimes that […]

Week 15 Football Rankings and a Sabermetric Debate

December 21, 2008 by


Here are the quarterback and running back rankings for Week 15: Table One: Quarterback Rankings for Week 15 Table Two: Running Back Rankings for Week 15 As I have noted, I am a suffering Lions fan.  Given my allegiance, my desire to write about football in any great detail has waned a bit. Normally a […]

Millsap or Boozer?

December 18, 2008 by


Last December I posted a new story every single day.  Such a schedule allowed me to touch upon virtually every story-line in the NBA.  To finish this next book, though, I have had to cut back to only three posts per week.  And with my schedule limited, I now have to be much more selective […]

Really the Answer is Iverson

December 16, 2008 by


It’s currently a sad time in the Motor City (my hometown). The big three automakers are clearly in trouble. And it’s not just the manufacture and sale of cars that has proven difficult. Begging for money from Congress also appears to be something out of the skill-set of the CEOs of these companies. In September […]

Will Firing Cheeks Help the Sixers?

December 14, 2008 by


The last time the Philadelphia 76ers won an NBA championship the team’s point guard was Maurice Cheeks.  And as I noted a few months ago (see What Ever Happened to “Fo’-Fi’-Fo'”?) only Moses Malone produced more wins for the Sixers during that championship season. Cheeks left Philadelphia as a player in 1989 and ended his career […]

The Slightly Rising Suns and a Comparison of Greg Oden and Spencer Hawes

December 11, 2008 by


Last season the Phoenix Suns made a bold move.  Despite leading the Western Conference in wins, Steve Kerr – the general manager in Phoenix – traded Shawn Marion to the Miami Heat for Shaquille O’Neal.  At the time of the trade I noted that this move would cause Phoenix to decline.  And when the season […]