Feeling Lawson Regrets Yet?

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Yes, it has only been two games (so this is a very small sample).  And yes, Brandon Jennings and Ricky Rubio have to play in an NBA game.  But look at what Ty Lawson has done (reported in Table One) across his first two games.

Table One: Ty Lawson after Two Games

These numbers weren’t generated against the Memphis Grizzlies (sorry, Chip).  Lawson’s first two games were at home against the Utah Jazz and on the road against Portland.  As one can see, against these two opponents, Lawson was well above average with respect to every statistic except assists and blocked shots.

Again, it’s early.  But do you think decision-makers in Minnesota, Milwaukee, and Philadelphia – the three teams that took a different point guard than Lawson last summer – are regretting their decision?  If I understand human behavior, I would say no.  And even if Lawson continues to produce, the answer will still be no (people have amazing powers of rationalization when it comes to their own choices).  But I think the fans of these teams – who might have questioned this choice last summer — should start feeling the pangs of regret.  And if not yet, I suspect those pangs will begin soon.

– DJ

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