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Huffington Post has decided to start a sports section and I have been asked to be a contributor.  Today the sports section officially launched, and with it, my first post appeared. 

The post is titled “If You Build It, Nothing Really Comes.”  The column addresses the recent decision by the state of California to suspend environmental laws so an NFL stadium could be built in Los Angeles.

Here is how the column begins:

Few states have been hit as hard by the current economic problems as the state of California. In September, the unemployment rate was 12.2% and the budget problems in this state have made national headlines. Most economists — as Gregory Mankiw notes — agree that when an economy is not at full employment, some sort of government stimulus can make things better. So it’s not surprising to see Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger sign legislation that will create thousands of jobs.

A few weeks ago Schwarzenegger signed legislation that will allow construction of a new NFL stadium in the Los Angeles area. This stadium — according to developers — will generate 18,000 jobs and $320 million in salaries for residents. And the stadium won’t cost any tax money. All Schwarzenegger had to do is suspend a few pesky environmental laws, laws that were clearly holding back California’s efforts to rebuild the state economy.

With such bold leadership, one suspects that it won’t be long until the economy in California is back. There’s only one tiny problem in this tale. Read More at Huffington Post Sports…


Huffington Post would like one or two columns a week.  It’s my intention to discuss the broader world of sports economics in that forum.  For The Wages of Wins Journal, the focus will continue to be on the broader world of the NBA. 

One should note that the list of contributors at Huffington Sports is fairly impressive.  The list of writers for the initial launch includes Dave Zirin, Mike Lupica, Matthew DeBord, Arn Tellem, Paula Duffy, Jeff Ma, Peter Robert Casey, Eric Angevine, Chris Tsakalakis, Shannon Rowbury, Robert Abrams, and Wayne Winston.  Given this roster, one suspects sports at Huffington Post is going to provide a different — and much broader — perspective on the sporting world than what one might find in other outlets.  

– DJ

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