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A couple of months ago fans of the NBA were given a very big gift by Bill Simmons.  The Book of Basketball is more the 700 pages of Simmons’ thoughts on everything NBA basketball.  When this book was released it was my intention to read it over and offer some thoughts.  Two months have passed, though, and I just haven’t had time to read all that Simmons is offering. 

Fortunately, I came across a review from No Time to Read.  The review does go on for more than 6,000 words. So it’s a bit lengthy (not as lengthy as the actual book, but as you read the review the difference will not seem large).  But I think this review of The Book of Basketball – titled Statistical Certainty – is excellent (and not just because I am mentioned a few times).

Here is how the review begins:

I read Bill Simmons’s The Book of Basketball. I enjoyed his book, as it is a fun survey of NBA history. The book isn’t just a numbers game or just breaking down plays. It includes enough human interest elements that it should appeal to a casual fan or diffident parties (like me; I can count the number of basketball games I’ve seen – TV or live – on both hands.) Simmons does a fantastic job of conveying his love of basketball. For me, he really brought different basketball eras to life, inserting comments from players, coaches, and sportswriters. He also seems fairly astute in breaking down plays and describing the flow of the game.

Yes, I bought the book because I think Bill Simmons’s writing. If you enjoy his blog, you will find that same breezy conversation style here. Read more at No Time to Read

By the way, I also promised Wayne Winston a review of Mathletics.  Not sure when I will get to that (or find someone who does it for me). But I would encourage everyone to get a copy of both The Book of Basketball and Mathletics

– DJ

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