The Final Quarterback Rankings for 2009

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As I watched the Saints defeat the Colts in the Super Bowl it occurred to me that I had forgotten to post the final quarterback rankings for the 2009 regular season.  So for those who are interested, here you go.

Table One: Final Quarterback Rankings for the 2009 Regular Season

In looking at these numbers it’s important to remember that quarterbacks are quite inconsistent (a story told many times before).  Relative to what we see for basketball players, the numbers for quarterbacks tend to be difficult to predict.  This is especially true for interceptions, as Peyton Manning learned tonight and Jay Cutler learned throughout the 2009 season.

Inconsistent numbers in sports suggest that those numbers are not strictly about the abilities and talents of the player in question.  Inconsistency suggests that a player’s teammates (or perhaps his coaches, the opponents he faces, etc…) have a substantial impact on the numbers we are seeing.  Consequently, the value of those numbers is reduced.

So although it appears that the quarterbacks listed at the top of Table One are “better” than those further down the list, we cannot say with any certainty that these “better” quarterbacks will post better numbers in the future.  And that means we don’t know who will be the “better” quarterbacks next year. 

All of this is good news for fans of the Detroit Lions.   After all, if the Saints can win a Super Bowl, why can’t the Lions? (okay, no one really needs to answer that question)

– DJ

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