A Winner in the Fourth Contest!!

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And we have a winner!!

The fourth contest in the Stumbling on Wins promotion was as follows:

There are four NBA playoff games on Sunday involving Orlando, Charlotte, Oklahoma City, LA Lakers, San Antonio, Dallas, Portland, and Phoenix.  Which player – in these games – will post the highest PAWS?  Please give a name and also your guess for the player’s PAWS in Sunday’s game.

To win this contest you had to guess both a player and his PAWS – or Position Adjusted Win Score.  There was come confusion last week on how PAWS is calculated.  So before I get to the winner, let me provide an example.

Dirk Nowitzki posted a 0.569 Win Score per minute on Sunday.  An average power forward would posts a 0.215 Win Score per minute, so Nowitzki’s Position Adjusted Win Score per minute would be 0.354 (0.569-0.215).  Since he played 40.4 minutes, his PAWS would be 14.3 (0.354*40.4).

Although this mark is quite good, it only ranked second on Sunday.  The player who posted the highest PAWS was Gerald Wallace.   Wallace is primarily a small forward, but probably played some time at power forward on Sunday.  But even with some time spent at power forward, I still have Wallace posting a 16.2 PAWS. 

There were three people who guessed Wallace would post the highest PAWS.  Of these three, Mark – with a guess of 16.5 – came the closest.  So Mark wins an autographed copy of Stumbling on Wins!!

We will be having another contest soon.  When I figure out what that is I will post the contest. 

– DJ

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