LeBron James is not the NBA’s MVP and the Stumbling on Wins Slideshow at Forbes.com

Posted on May 5, 2010 by


Tom Van Riper has written an excellent review of Stumbling on Wins for Forbes.com.  The title – LeBron James is not the NBA’s MVP – might be familiar to readers in this forum.  At least, that was the argument made in May of 2009 (LeBron was the Most Productive Player – or MPP – in 2009-10).

Van Riper’s article covers much more than the notion that Chris Paul was the MPP of 2008-09 (and LeBron finished second).  He also reviews many of the stories we tell in Stumbling on Wins.

And if that isn’t enough, Forbes.com also provides an amazing slide show, featuring 10 stories told in our book.  It was fun talking to Tom and it is interesting to see how he reviews our stories. 

– DJ