A New stumblingonwins.com

Posted on May 7, 2010 by


Yesterday I received an e-mail from Brian Guerra of sportsnickel.com.  Brian noted that he came across stumblingonwins.com after reading the review of Stumbling on Wins at Forbes.com (did I mention… a great review with a wonderful slide show).  Brian noted that stumblingonwins.com was not a very good website.  He then offered to re-do the website in exchange for a free copy of Stumbling on Wins.

Obviously such an offer was too good to pass up.  And this morning (yes, Brian works fast) we have a new stumblingonwins.com.  For those who saw the old version, this is a huge improvement.  The old version was designed by me, and to get an idea of the difference in our skill sets one only has to look at wagesofwins.com.   

Marty and I wish to thank Brian for his efforts.  I should note that this is not the first time my website design was so bad that someone volunteered to do better (this also happened for my original website at Cal-State Bakersfield).  In the future I think I will stick to writing and leave website design to others.

As for writing… I need to write posts on the All-Rookie team and the All-NBA selections.  I also promised another post on the drafting of quarterbacks.  All of this, though, is going to be delayed. 

Two years ago Stacey Brook, Aju Fenn, and I submitted a paper to a journal. The journal then asked for some fairly minor revisions.  Unfortunately the writing of Stumbling on Wins delayed the work on these revisions.  Yesterday, though, I spoke to the editor and promised I would re-submit the paper by Monday.  I still might take a break to post something today.  Then again, I might not.  While everyone waits, though, you can look at the new stumblingonwins.com (and did you see that slide show at Forbes.com?).

– DJ