Yahoo! and a Proposal

Posted on May 7, 2010 by


Not sure how long this will be true, but for much of the day Tom Van Riper’s article (originally posted at – Is LeBron really the Best? – has been the lead story at   

Although this is big news (for Marty and I), I thought I would take a break from my work to discuss something I just thought of this morning.

As I noted last night, Andres Alvarez has figured out how to automate Wins Produced.  This means that next season, each player’s Wins Produced will be available throughout the season.  And this means that people no longer have to wait for me to post articles on their favorite (or not so favorite) teams.

Still, I suspect someone might want to see a discussion of these numbers.  But since everyone has these numbers, that discussion doesn’t have to be led by me anymore. So here is what I propose.   TrueHoop now has a network of blogs that cover each team.  I suspect we could do something similar here as well.  Specifically, I think we could have people who follow each specific team write posts throughout the season. These posts would review the Wins Produced numbers and then offer some additional analysis.  In other words, these posts would be similar to what I have done the past few seasons.  These posts, though, could be much better since the author of the column would be someone who really cared about the subject matter.

If you are interested in being one of these writers, please let me know.  I would like to set up a roster of people before the next season starts.  In fact, we could even start posting such analysis during the off-season.

– DJ