The Sports Nickel Interview and Other Discussions in the Media

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Last week I received an e-mail from Brian Guerra of Sports Nickel.  In this e-mail Brian noted that was not a well-designed website.  Furthermore, he would be willing to re-design our site in exchange for a free copy of Stumbling on Wins and an interview that he would post at Sports Nickel.  Brian’s re-designed website appeared last week (and it is a major upgrade).   And soon after that I received his questions.

The questions Brian sent were quite interesting.  And today the answers appeared at Sports Nickel.  This interview covers such topics as why so many former players become NBA coaches (never really thought of that question before), drafting players in the NBA and NFL, the “hot hand” in the NBA, and what sports fans can learn from Stumbling on Wins.  Please check out the interview and let us know what you think.

Sports Nickel was not the only interview I did last week.  Darren Rovell – at – asked if it is time to abolish the NFL combine.  I am going to comment more on this discussion soon (hopefully by Monday). 

Last Thursday I was a guest of Bob McCown on Prime Time Sports (ESPN Radio, The Fan 590, Toronto Sports Radio).  Our discussion centered on the subject of drafting quarterbacks. The interview is archived at the fan590 website.  My interview is about halfway through the archived show from 6pmEST on May 13 (and it lasts less than 10 minutes).

Speaking of radio interviews…I am also scheduled to appear on the Hays Advantage on Bloomberg Radio on Monday.  Kathleen Hays and I are scheduled to discuss LeBron James.   You can listen to our discussion at 2pm EST (you can listen live via the Bloomberg Radio website).

Let me close by noting that the National Journal Magazine published a story by Don Peck last week (Early Career Moves Are The Most Important). This story does not quote Marty or I, but it does reference the research we report on the NBA Draft.  It then seeks to explain what this research tells us about a person’s potential career path.  The punchline: Where you start in your career has a large impact on where you finish.

– DJ

P.S. Andres Alvarez says the Wins Produced data base will be on-line later today. I will post a link when Andres says it is available.