A Post on Future Posts

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Here is a post entirely (well, almost entirely) devoted to future posts.  Over the next few days we are going to have

  • a two-part post on the Memphis Grizzlies from Jamie Vann Struth.
  • a post from Arturo Galletti on the spending habits of the Phoenix Suns (and every other NBA team).
  • a post from Benjamin Gulker evaluating the notion that the Pistons should re-sign Rodney Stuckey.
  • a post addressing the link between quarterback performance and the NFL draft (yes, I am addressing that issue again).
  • and finally, I think there should be a post on the relative merits of Derrick Rose.  Not sure who will be writing this post, but if no one volunteers I might put something up on this topic next week.

These should all appear in the next week (I think), with the first post (from Jamie) appearing later today (hopefully by high noon in the West).

While everyone waits, let me note that I was interviewed by Tim Trushel of Sports Memo Radio today.  The interview was nearly 40 minutes long, and you can hear the entire discussion at the Sports Memo website (see the archive from May 20 and click on my name).  Tim comes at sports from the perspective of Las Vegas gambling.  So he and I had an interesting discussion on the subject of interpreting the numbers from professional sports.

– DJ

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