Not So Final Thoughts on the 2010 Finals

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Here are the final Wins Produced numbers for the 2010 NBA Finals.

And for those who are interested, here are the WP48 marks for players who played at least 10 minutes in Game Seven:

  • Pau Gasol: 0.452
  • Derek Fisher: 0.283
  • Lamar Odom: 0.116
  • Kobe Bryant: 0.110
  • Ron Artest: 0.095
  • Andrew Bynum: 0.004
  • Jordan Farmar: -0.625


  • Glenn Davis: 0.326
  • Rajon Rondo: 0.307
  • Paul Pierce: 0.157
  • Rasheed Wallace: 0.061
  • Kevin Garnett: -0.008
  • Ray Allen: -0.186

And here are some thoughts on these numbers (and there will be more on the NBA Finals in a later post):

  • One does not need a sophisticated model to see that Kobe Bryant struggled in Game Seven.  His amazing rebounding effort was just enough to barely move him into the above average range.
  • Pau Gasol — who was the Most Productive Player for LA in the Finals — was once again the key player for the Lakers.
  • Andrew Bynum, though, didn’t do much.
  • However, Kevin Garnett did even less.  Across the last two games, KG played 69 minutes and grabbed only nine rebounds.  Across all seven games he was above average.  But when the Celtics needed one more win, KG didn’t show up.  And that means I blame KG for my fourth place finish in the True Hoop Smackdown.  Had KG done more (enough for the Celtics to win Game Six), I would have finished in second (I might have more on that contest later as well).
  • Rajon Rondo was again amazing.  He led all players in the playoffs in Wins Produced (and I will have more on this later as well).
  • And finally, Big Baby played well in the NBA Finals. Does this mean he will play well going forward?  I would not bet on this outcome.  But a productive Big Baby is suddenly a possibility (while before it seemed more like an impossibility).

Okay, that is all I wanted to say tonight.  We do have a number of posts planned. 

  • James Brocato has a column on the Oklahoma City Thunder which should be posted on Saturday.
  • Michael Madden and Sam Cohen will be discussing the Samuel Dalembert trade from the perspective of the Kings and Sixers.
  • And Devin Dignam has submitted a post on the Toronto Raptors.

I also want to alert people to “Wins Produced” (or WP inspired analysis) on other sites:

Let me close by noting again that I will be offering more on the Finals soon.  And there is also going to be some analysis on the NBA Draft as well.  Not sure if the bulk of our draft coverage will appear before or after the event, though.

– DJ