The 2010 NBA Free Agent Cheat Sheet

Posted on July 1, 2010 by


For those thinking about the NBA free agent market, Arturo Galletti has created…

The 2010 NBA Free Agent Cheat Sheet

The sheet reports free agent status, age, and then performance in each of the past three seasons. 

Something to keep in mind as you view this data.  Performance before a player is 30 years of age is not tremendously impacted by age.  Yes, there are small declines after a player hits his mid-20s.  But the decline is very mild before the age of 30.  Once you pass the age of 30, the impact of age is more pronounced.  So if you sign a player who is already in his late 20s, you might anticipate production to decline noticeably towards the end of a multi-year contract. 

Like everyone, I want to thank Arturo for putting all this together.  This should help our discussion of free agent signings.

One last note… this morning we (at the Western Economic Association) are having our panel discussion on blogging about sports and economics.  Hopefully I can post some thoughts on this discussion later today.

– DJ