Even More LeBron Stories

Posted on July 10, 2010 by


As my post yesterday indicated, I was unconvinced by the argument that LeBron avoided New York because he couldn’t handle the pressure from playing in the Big Apple.  Today I have noted at Huffington Post three additional LeBron stories that – like the New York pressure story – might best be described as “less than convincing.”  Or, to put it a bit more concisely (if not entirely nice), somewhat “silly”.

In case these stories are not enough to satisfy your interest in LeBron, Arturo Galletti has offered a quick analysis (inspired by Mr. Parker) of how many teams since 1977 have assembled a quartet like the Miami Heat in 2010.  Assuming player performance doesn’t change too much, next year the Heat will have one player with a WP48 [Wins Produced per 48 minutes] in excess of 0.400 (LeBron James).  And three players (Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, and Mike Miller) with a mark that exceeds 0.200.  As the following table indicates, only 11 NBA teams have assembled such a foursome (minimum 400 minutes played).  And seven of these teams advanced to the NBA Finals. 

And if that story is not enough, a genuine Wages of Wins Network is gradually being assembled.  The following four websites are now offering analysis of the NBA using Wins Produced  (or in the case of Ty Willihnganz’s Courtside Analyst a Wins Produced inspired metric).

Nerd Numbers the Blog (Andres Alvarez)

Arturo Silly Little Stats  (Arturo Galletti)

Roblog (Robbie O’Malley)

Courtside Analyst (Ty Willihnganz)

So if The Wages of Wins Journal is not enough, you now have four more places to look at each day.  And I am confident, the LeBron stories in all these locations will eventually be replaced with stories all of us might find more interesting (not that the endless LeBron coverage of the past few days hasn’t been fascinating).

– DJ