Remember Josh Childress?

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The Phoenix Suns started free agency by watching Amare Stoudemire take more money from the New York Knicks.  And as noted, Stoudemire is probably not worth the money he will be paid by the Knicks.  In other words, the Suns were wise to let Stoudemire walk.

Of course, fans of the Suns do not really care how much Phoenix was being asked to pay Stoudemire. All they care about are wins on the court.  And Stoudemire moving on means about ten wins have walked out the door.

To replace these wins, the Suns have technically traded for Hakim Warrick and actually traded for Hedo Turkoglu.  These two players produced 5.6 wins in more than 3,800 minutes last season.  Turkoglu, though, is now a year older and will have to move to the power forward position full time.  So the moves made at power forward are probably not going to help much.

The Suns, though, are also acquiring Josh Childress.  In case readers have forgotten, here is what Childress produced for the Atlanta Hawks across his first four seasons in the NBA.

To put these numbers in perspective, here is what Stoudemire did from 2004-05 to 2007-08:

  • 39.1 Wins Produced
  • 8,305 Minutes Played
  • 0.226 WP48

In addition, Childress is younger than Stoudemire.

So why was Childress allowed to depart Atlanta?  For that story, one is referred to the following posts:

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To summarize, Childress is one of those productive non-scorers that NBA decision-makers tend to undervalue. 

The underestimation of Childress will probably continue in Phoenix.  It’s unlikely he play 2,000 minutes next season for the Suns, since he plays behind Jason Richardson and Grant Hill.  Plus he is part of the second unit with Jared Dudley (who will also take minutes at small forward).

As a consequence, the addition of Childress will not completely overcome the subtraction of Stoudemire.  But I think it helps quite a bit.  And I think it is possible the Suns will still make the playoffs in 2011 (and Stoudemire and the Knicks may be sitting at home).

– DJ