A Delayed Analysis of the 2010 NBA Draft

Posted on July 14, 2010 by


A few weeks ago, Shawn Ryan – who provided tables for the brief column posted in this forum on the NBA draft – sent along a complete analysis of the 2010 NBA draft.  And he was told – by the worthless editor in this forum – that it would be posted.

Well, that was going to happen this week.  Really.  But Shawn clearly got tired of waiting and decided to create his own blog.  Consequently, we have a new entry in what I am calling “The Wages of Wins Network” (see list on the right).  And the first post at Ryan’s website – The NBA Anti-Expert – is the post you should have seen weeks ago in this forum.

So if everyone doesn’t mind, please click over to Ryan’s post:

2010 Post-Draft Analysis

And if you can, please leave a comment (or two).  Or you can have a discussion here on the analysis Ryan is offering.

Speaking of submitted posts… Jeremy Britton has submitted some analysis of the Golden State Warriors.  Hopefully that will be on-line later today. 

One last note…the delays were primarily caused by the Western Economic Association meetings.  As noted, I was part of six papers that were presented.  Plus, as President of the North American Association of Sports Economists (NAASE), I have the responsibility to co-edit (with Brad Humphreys) a special issue of the Journal of Sports Economics (with papers from the meetings).  That means either Brad and I had to attend all 16 sessions sponsored by NAASE. In sum, my ability to edit material for this forum was limited (or I just didn’t feel like doing it).  Hopefully I will do better in the future.  

– DJ