The Winners and Losers (thus far) in the NBA’s Free Agent Market

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Editor’s Note: Arturo Galletti has been tracking the NBA’s free agent market. Recently he reported at his blog – Arturo Silly Little Stats (part of the Wages of Wins Network)– the teams he believes have been the winners and losers in the free agent market (thus far). For those who have not been reading Arturo’s analysis, this is re-posted below:

As of now about 60% (260 wins) of the projected wins available (410 Wins) on the Free Agent market are off the board. So I felt it was a good time to update the table and put down some early thoughts.

First off, The Updated Free Agent Guide

Winners & Losers

Here’s my quick table on winners and losers:

Quick Thoughts & Grades by Team :

  • Miami: Enough has been said about Miami in this space and elsewhere but let me add: Wow,just wow. My Grade: Eleventy
  • Golden State : A forum on whether or not you like David Lee. Dorell Wright is good. My Grade: A, no selection bias here.
  • Detroit: Detroit kept Ben Wallace. That’s real forward looking  . My Grade: C
  • Chicago: The Bulls did not get exactly what they wanted but they still massively upgraded. Chicago went two of three (Boozer and Brewer are wow, korver not so much). My Grade: B+
  • Phoenix: Classic Suns pantsing the league on childress and cutting payroll. The only reason I withhold an A is Frye. Looking at their roster they may not be done yet. My Grade: B+ for now
  • Orlando: The Magic were good but they could be great it all depends on coach Stan Van playing Redick more over the corpse of Vinsanity My Grade: B- for questionable minute allocation
  • Lakers: As a Celtics fan, #$#%% #@%@@!!!! And they stole a guy in the 2nd round of the draft (Caracter). The Kobe deal (not included on the list as it happened in-season) could be the turd in the punch bowl in the future.  My Grade: A+
  • Houston: Again better than it looks. The Yao extension is worth a hundred million easy to that franchise.  My Grade: A+
  • Milwakee: Sneaky. Makes a good team, better and deeper. Fear the Deer! My Grade: B for Bucks
  • Boston: Better on paper. I heart Pierce & Allen but they sure are creaky. Love me some pocket kryptonite. Jermaine O’Neal? Just Ugh! The Rondo Deal (again not counted in the total as it happened in-season ) keeps a passing grade. My Grade: C for Creaky Celtics
  • Toronto:Meh My Grade: D for doubt they’ll make the playoffs
  • Charlotte: Sneaky. Young above average PF on the cheap (Thomas). Could be good but they need to start him. The rumor on Shaun Livingston would give them an A for me. My Grade: B for Brown
  • Denver: Meh again My Grade: D
  • Knicks: New York deserves and will get their own post. I will say that by breaking even they lapped the regime of Lord Thomas My Grade: Watch this space later
  • Nets: Throwing some good money after bad. They’re getting a new GM though My Grade: D comrade
  • Dallas: Cuban seem to delight at paying full price on day old cheese. Yes it tastes good now they’re past the expiration date Grade: D for Dirk is Dissapoint
  • Minnesota: Khan and Free Darko, a marriage made in comedy heaven. I feel for Love. Grade: F
  • Atlanta & Memphis: Question, what Free Agent contracts were signed that were immediately untradeable? Answer: Joe Johnson & Rudy Gay Grade: Z for Zombie franchise killer contracts.

– Arturo Galletti